: Cyndi Rahilly (Chair), Kate Yturri, Margaret Payne, Mary Carlson, Heather Dew Oaksen
Membership: Myla Sherburne
Yearbook: Margaret Payne
Publicity: Vanessa Julian

Email Communications: Perri Gibbons

Welcoming:  The Garden Club Board
Social Hour: David and Geri Turnoy and Sue Lamb
Garden Tour: Sally Hodson and Linda Armstrong
Finance: Lisa Boyd
Photographers: Margot Shaw and Steve Smith
Audiovisual: Cyndi Rahilly
Website: Margaret Payne and Steve Smith
President - Vanessa Julian
Program Chair - Cyndi Rahilly
Membership Chair - Myla Sherburne
Garden Tour Chairs - Sally Hodson and Linda Armstrong
Recording Secretary - Linda Armstrong
Treasurer - Lisa Boyd
Publicity - Helen Huber

Past President - Kate Yturri

The 2016-17 Executive Board: