Jessi Bloom and Dave Boehnlein, authors of Practical Permaculture  for Home Landscapes, Your Community, and the Whole Earth, make permaculture accessible to the home gardener with the simple principle - take care of the earth and it will take care of you!  Jessi and Dave  describe the practices, principles, and tools you need for a holistic approach to food, home, and renewable resources.

Richie Steffen is curator of the Elisabeth C. Miller Botanical Garden in Seattle, where he oversees the plant record database, general horticulture, and manages the garden's special collections, including rare plants, ferns, hepaticas, woodland plants, rare bulbs, and alpine plants.

The Plant Lover’s Guide to Ferns, by fern enthusiasts Richie Steffen and Sue Olsen, is packed with information on these reliable plants. The book includes profiles for 134 plants, with information on growth and propagation, advice on using ferns in garden design, and lists of where to buy the plants and where to view them in public gardens.

Linda Chalker-Scott, author of How Plants Work, brings the stranger-than-fiction science of the plant world to vivid life in this scientific look at what plants do. You'll learn how to fertilize and prune more effectively, weed less, and determine which garden products are worth your time and money.  Linda is a Washington State University Professor and  the author of the popular science-based books The Informed Gardener and The Informed Gardener Blooms Again.

In Year-Round Gardening in the Pacific Northwest, Ph.D. Linda Gilkeson shares high-productivity, low-maintenance methods for your organic garden, from feeding the soil to year-round planting schedules.  Linda is also the author of Year-Around Harvest: Winter Gardening on the Coast; West Coast Gardening: Natural Insect and Disease Control; and Backyard Bounty: The Complete Guide to Year-Round Organic Gardening in the Pacific Northwest. .

Cass Turnbull, author of Cass Turnbull's Guide to Pruning: What, When, Where and How to Prune for a More Beautiful Garden (3rd Edition).  Cass Turnbull's name is synonymous with good pruning.  Founder and President of Plant Amnesty, her mission is to end "the shameless torture and mutilation of trees and shrubs."  This excellent guide covers pruning techniques for 160 plants with clear instructions and illustrations. 

Jo Robinson, author of Eating on the Wild Side, provides research-based information about present-day foods that approach the nutritional content of wild plants and game—our original diet. Evidence is growing that "wilder" foods give us more of the nutrients we need to fight disease and enjoy optimum health. Although few of us will go back to foraging in the wild, we can learn to forage in our supermarkets, farmers markets, and from local farmers to select the most nutritious and delicious foods available.                 

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