The Orcas Island Garden Club boasts over 150 members, representing a broad cross-section of islanders with a multitude of gardening interests. Many of our members are Washington State University Master Gardeners. Garden Club members range from island newcomers, eager to learn about gardening on the island to seasoned gardeners with extensive knowledge of plants and practices. Gardening interests are as diverse as our members who grow flowers, vegetables, herbs, fruit, ornamentals and a wide range of other plants that enhance our already beautiful island and home gardens. Members also participate in the Garden Club programs and social hour. Together we are richer and our gardens are more diverse. Come join the garden club and enjoy our members, programs and wonderful presentations that help us continue to grow as gardeners and islanders.

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                                             Honorary Members

These members are honored with lifetime membership for their contribution to the Orcas Island Garden Club.

                                                  Kate Adams                  Michelle Barach

                                                   Judy Evans                  Sara Hennessey

                                                   Sally Hodson               Barbara Trunkey

                                                   Heidi Lindberg           Hazel O’Brien

                                                                         Margaret Payne           




                                 San Juan County Master Gardeners

                                                                      Leslie Hutchinson

                                                                      Vicki Leimback

                                                                      Patty Miller

                                                                      Dianne Macondray

                                                                       Myla Sherburne

                                                                       Jodi Spitalli

                                                                       Tony Suruda

                                                                       Julia Turney

                                                                       Judy Winer

                                                                       Kate Yturri