​​​:309/19/18           Lucy Hardiman              Color Wheel in the Garden     

10/17/18          Ryan Palmateer           Water in the Garden-Irrigation, Catchment, Conservation

11/14/18          Linda Vorobik               A Yankee Botanist in Search of Native New Zealand Flora

12/12/18          Barbara Bentley          10:30 am start time!Changing Times, Changing Gardens  

1/16/19            Eliza Habegger          Growing Native:  Gardening with Wildflowers of the Salish Sea   

2/20/19            Carson Sprenger          Forests and Bogs

3/20/19            Jane Wentworth            Invasives

4/17/19             Dan Helms                   Container Gardening

5/15/19             Carrie Foss                   Insects — IPM (Integrated Pest Management)

6/12/19             Picnic                            Orcas Island Yacht Club

6/29-6/30/19     Garden Tour                  See website for information

Garden Club Mission Statement

The purpose of the Orcas Island Garden Club is to stimulate knowledge and love of gardening, to cooperate in the protection and conservation of nature, and to assist in the beautification of the community. 

​​                       ORCAS ISLAND GARDEN CLUB

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    Meetings begin at 10:00 a.m. at the Orcas Center.

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